Reward Employees and Promote Your Company Brand

Rewarding employees through a branded company store is a win-win. When visiting a client recently, we were able to view their store. This client is constantly striving to make cultural improvements and increase employee engagement. They have instituted a training “school” internally focused on promoting employees from within and improving employee retention. They recognize internal success at the school by rewarding employees with tickets. Each ticket has an assigned value. Employees can earn additional tickets when receiving positive customer comments. Employees use their tickets to “purchase” items from the company store. The store features company branded gifts that range from mugs to jackets. This particular company has approximately 150 employees but this could be appropriate for a company of just about any size. Perhaps you can take this idea and modify it for your organization’s size and culture. If you would like a conversation with our client regarding the company store concept, please let us know.

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