New IRS ACA related filing requirements are definitely top of mind for many clients at the moment. The purpose of the new reporting requirements under the ACA is intended to promote transparency, but it can be confusing. Sections 6055 and 6056 layout the IRS instructions and requirements for companies to report about their health insurance plans. Filing will be required starting in 2016 on 2015 plan year offerings. That actual reporting will... Read More

I am so honored that Benefits Done Right was again honored as one of Sacramento’s Healthiest Employers by the Sacramento Business Journal. While we didn’t win the top spot for businesses under 100, we are inspired and thankful to be included in such great company. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

As a lifelong advocate of good health, the wellness of our team is always top of mind. I encourage and enable them in all aspects of... Read More

The recent contract renewal negotiations between Sutter Health and Blue Shield are alarming for everyone. There are nearly 300,000 Blue Shield members who will be affected in Northern California alone. I anticipate that the two parties will come to an agreement soon.

Employers are feeling the pressure to rewrite their plans and leave Blue Shield to provide the continuity of care for their employees. Employees feel uneasy too, especially after... Read More

There has been tremendous confusion surrounding California’s 60 day waiting period for health insurance versus the 90 day federal waiting period. On August 15th, 2014 Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1034 which repealed an insurance law (Assembly Bill 1083) that prohibited insurance companies from including waiting periods in excess of 60 days in their group health insurance contracts. The new law, effective January 1, 2015, repeals... Read More

The Triple Play is synonymous with baseball’s rare act of making three outs during the same continuous play. So what would a triple play look like for a small business? In small business companies work to attract top talent, retain key employees, preserve control, reduce workloads where possible and find ways to save money. What about a strategy that helps business achieve all those tasks, in the same “continuous play?”

Businesses today are... Read More

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